Record-breaking +20% growth in new paying subscribers in May versus April

Our award-winning platform has grown the number of new paying subscribers by +20% versus April.

We’re delighted to share that in May we saw a record-breaking increase of +20% in new subscribers versus April, across both our mainstream and casual networks.

In April we had already highlighted impressive growth that exceeded January (the highest converting month in the dating calendar historically!) and we’re proud that a recent project, focusing on the optimisation of our billing process, has increased our ability to capture revenue and boosted conversion rates platform-wide, meaning our partners will get an even better return on their investment.


How we did it

Our aim was to undertake a thorough payment audit that included detailed analysis of each and every failed payment attempt across all of our payment providers. Looking at payments at both a browser and device level meant we were able to make improvements that have boosted the number of successful payment attempts, ensuring our partners are getting more revenue back from the number of registrations they drive to the platform, that go on to convert their membership to a paid subscription.

We are now reviewing all payments manually and through enhanced AI tools, to convert and retain members wherever possible. We’ve introduced a new reporting tool that allows us to reduce the number of downgrades we see as a result of payment failures, as well as optimising pricing and growing life-time revenues (the amount of money our partners make per member throughout the time the member spends signed up on a dating site.

You may be asking, why do payments fail in the first place?

There are many reasons that payments fail, including invalid bank details, bank accounts being closed or not enough money in the payer’s account. Some of these are outside of our control, therefore 100% success rate is somewhat impossible for all industries, but our optimisation efforts have meant we were able to implement more intelligent billing processes when it comes to when and how frequently we attempt to re-bill members. 

The results of this project blew us and our partners away throughout April and May and we expect continued improvements for the next few months! Of course, we’ll keep you posted.

How has COVID-19 continued to impact the platform

We’ve been keeping a close eye on search traffic since the outbreak of COVID-19. Our partners have been able to obtain more registrations, through both organic and paid search, as the demand for online communication increased and people actively searched for an online environment to keep connected. 

The volume of available traffic has definitely contributed to the ‘WOW-worthy’ performance we saw in May, with our same-day conversion showing a +15% increase versus April’s average.

How you can take advantage of the White Label Dating platform in coming weeks

The outstanding improvements that presented themselves in May have paved the way perfectly for our newest (and probably most exciting!) projects ever. We regularly ask our partners what they want to see in our roadmap and what projects would best help them grow their dating businesses and one that we hear the most is expansion opportunities, in the shape of new networks. So that’s exactly what we’re doing… 

In coming weeks we will be rolling out an inspiring number of new networks across both our mainstream and casual networks. These will be dedicated ring-fenced niche networks to fulfil the exact requirements of the niche. They’ll each have optimised engagement content and detailed and relevant onsite collateral including articles, blogs and videos (we all know how common it is to adopt video chat nowadays – in the current global climate in particular). More on exciting video projects in coming weeks!

The new networks will bring lower acquisition costs due to the ability to target untouched niche traffic in the market, higher conversion rates from the optimised niche-specific user experience and higher subscription prices as the quality of the network features we’ll be offering permit for this. All of which will lead to higher lifetime values from each member and ultimately a greater return on investment.

Not only this…

As well as rolling out a number of new networks, we’ll be introducing our brand new Dating Dashboard. The Dating Dashboard offers a one-stop solution for our partners to create their dating sites and landing pages, conduct campaign analysis through self-serve reports (on mobile, desktop or tablet devices), as well as optimise campaigns with the help of AI recommendations and ROI analysis tools! 

We’ve committed a seven-figure annual investment to the current Partner Portal’s imposing successor and are excited to hear what you think. Stay tuned for more on our Dating Dashboard in the coming weeks!

If you’d like any further information about the projects referenced in this article reach out to the team here.

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