Partner Spotlight: Lynden

Today, we introduce partner, Lynden. He’s the face behind, amongst others. We take a closer look at him and his dating business.

How long have you been a partner and what made you want to sign up?

I have been a partner for nearly three years now. I wanted to apply some of my search engine optimisation skills to a new business. Dating seemed to be a fast-growth market that, despite its competitive nature, would prove lucrative.

What’s your favourite site in your portfolio?

My favourite is usually my newest, the latest of which is, following on from my success with regional dating sites.

What kind of success have you seen across your portfolio since launching with us?

Right now, my online dating websites provide me with a significant (five figure) second income. My two best websites in terms of performance are in the over 50 mature niche and in the adult dating niche. To capitalise on this further, I recently launched and, both of which are climbing the search results steadily.

Your three top tips for building a successful dating site/business.

  1. Do your research and try to get a domain that includes a key term relating to the niche you are targeting. The more clues you can give to Google about the traffic you are hoping to attract the better. If your site is ‘Bristol Dating’, for example, then try to get the words ‘Bristol’ and ‘Dating’ in your domain name.

  2. Avoid any cheap search engine optimisation packages that people may try to sell you. Google come down very heavily on what they see as spam techniques such as when a lot of links from poor quality websites suddenly start pointing to a new website for a particular keyword term. Remember that quality beats quantity; one good link from a respected source is better than a thousand from spam sites.

  3. Make sure that you install Google Analytics on your website. Without it, you really are missing out on great market research that tells you what terms people are actually searching for. Understand these terms and you can add more pages to your website to help you attract more traffic.

What’s your number one piece of advice for any dating entrepreneur who is just starting out?

Dedicate yourself to learning the basics of SEO and PPC. There are plenty of great guides available in the Partner Portal and the Partner team are also an invaluable resource; make sure you use them!

It is well known in search engine optimisation circles that the very basics of how to lay out a page properly remains unknown to 99% of website owners. Is it technical? Absolutely not. If you can apply common sense and follow some very basic rules, then there is no reason your dating business won’t prosper.

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