Partner of the month: Stuart Murgatroyd

Congratulations to Stuart Murgatroyd who is March’s partner of the month!

Stuart is celebrating six months of phenomenal growth in Australia following the launch of his first site in the territory September 2014. In the last two months alone, he has increased total revenue by 77% on his first Australian site.

Stuart’s success is attributable to his employment of a mixed-channel acquisition strategy with comprehensive behavioural targeting. Marketing in this way has allowed Stuart to achieve consistently high conversions with a low refund rate.

Stuart’s Head of Acquisitions, Iain Murgatroyd, has also been key to the success of his dating business. With plans to expand his portfolio further by launching sites in Ireland and New Zealand, Stuart is a prime example of how developing sites in new territories and maintaining a steady level of investment in traffic can generate high levels of revenue!

Well done, Stuart – we look forward to supporting you in your continued success in 2015!

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