October comms round-up

When we ran you through our September comms offerings, we were in the midst of a period of heavy testing which has yielded some exceptional results. Since September, we’ve rolled out “Hump Day” and “Saturday Night Fever” campaigns across all our main territories with great success.

We’ve introduced even more new concepts to the Featured Members programme, using a slightly more relaxed selection criteria and new designs to ensure we have a richer selection of profiles. One of these new designs resulted in a 130% increase in click-throughs in comparison to the previous version. This format is now being rolled out and tested on a number of other campaigns!

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 14.48.23

Over the last month, we’ve also been able to streamline some of our more time-consuming campaign types using a few nifty bits of technology.

With the exception of a few smaller public holidays around our territories, the only really big date in the calendar was Halloween. To mark this, we went ahead with a free read and special offer in the final weekend of October. Results were extremely positive with the peak level of basic members online increasing by 70% during the free read session and daily subscriptions climbing by more than a third.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 14.42.15

With so many new learnings to make use of, we have our work cut out for new campaigns over the coming month, not to mention nailing down our plans for Christmas. See you next time!

Matt Harman, Marketing Engagement Manager at White Label Dating

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