New design features for your landing pages

A few months ago we introduced PT Engine, an all-in-one analytics tool that lets you see exactly what your users are doing on the page. The aim was to provide you with more information about how people are using your site.

Stephanie, a Web Designer who works in our commercial team, then used this information to come up with creative ways to enhance your landing pages and improve your conversion rates.

We learnt that users don’t scroll as far down the page as you think, meaning that the length of the page and where content is positioned is a deciding factor on how many people will see it. To overcome this, we designed a one page landing page where users don’t have to scroll.

ODUK landing page

All the content is on the first page, making it immediately visible to the user. The registration form is the focal point of the page, driving new users to sign up. The background is a carousel image which allows you to show more than one image and adds light animation.

Another thing we noticed about user behaviour is that users were trying to click on non-clickable elements on the page and this was distracting their attention away from other elements. To overcome this, we tested adding more clickable content to the homepage to make it more interactive. You can view the test here.

ODUK tiled landing page

The thumbnail images are all clickable member images or success stories from the site. As it’s more interactive, users are likely to spend more time on the page consuming the content. We hope that by making the design more engaging it will encourage more sign ups.

We also know that some background images are more effective than others. Therefore, another feature we came up with is to change the background image at different times of day to suit expected user behaviours.

Landing page time test 1

Landing page time test 2

The example on the right shows daters in an evening setting and would be shown in the evening whereas the example on the left is much lighter and would be shown during the daytime. This feature can be customised to show seasonal designs around Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day to further drive engagement.

These features were all designed to engage the user and enhance the user experience. By using tools like PT Engine, you can identify trends and learn how users are behaving on your pages. You can then use this information to adapt your landing pages to optimise for conversions. As with all new features, it’s crucial to test the impact of the changes you make so that you can continue to optimise and improve.

If you’re interested in learning how you can enhance your landing pages by introducing these features, get in touch with the Partner team.

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