What you need to know about Google’s new mobile index

Earlier this month, Google announced that it would be creating a dedicated mobile index. Since over half of Google searches now happen on mobile, the new mobile index will become Google’s primary index.

Google mobile

Set to launch within months, the new mobile index will mean that mobile content will be ranked more effectively. Rather than determine mobile ranking based on data from desktop content, the new index will run its ranking algorithm through “pure mobile content”. This means that users will see better and more relevant content. Google will still keep its desktop index but it won’t be updated as regularly.

These changes make it even more important for websites to offer a quality mobile experience if they want to achieve a high search ranking. Page load time and mobile user experience will be taken into account, so we’d recommend that you make sure your landing pages are fully responsive, optimised and mobile friendly.

Use Google’s mobile friendly test to learn how mobile friendly your landing page is. Be prepared to make any necessary changes to your design to create a better user experience and to remain competitive.

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