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The month of May is upon us, summer is nearly here, the days are getting warmer and people are feeling in the mood for love. What better conditions for you, your site and it’s revenue levels!

So much has gone on in the past month! April shot by here at and it looks like May is off to a similar start! So before May runs away with us, spare a few minutes and have your monthly catch up!


Strengthening of our International Proposition


Our fantastic Marketing and Development teams have been hard at work tailoring member experiences for each of the territories in which we have a presence.

We recently completed the project for the South African network and are already starting to see improved results from this. The changes include amends to the platform to update imagery and copy for the intended audience along with a bespoke CRM and promotional communications programme, celebrating their national holidays.

In the last month alone, the South African general network experienced a 5.14% increase of basic members and performance continues to improve.

If you’re interested in adding a site to your portfolio or already have one and are looking for new ways of marketing it, speak to your Partner Manager today, they are always more than willing to help.


Partner Workshop Presentations Available Online


The partner workshops have really started to kick off now and they are proving to be a huge success. We just wanted to say a huge thank you to those partners who have attended any of the recent workshops.

For your convenience we have uploaded all of the presentations that have been covered within the workshops to the partner portal. You can access these workshop presentations within the resources dashboard.

We will be hosting many more workshops throughout 2010 on a vast variety of different subjects and are looking to make these available to as many partners as possible. We will be in touch with more details over the coming weeks.


100% Customer Care 7 Days a Week

With the increased conversion rate, the customer support team has been really working hard to keep up with the busy work load. As member counts are so high it means weekends are becoming just as busy as the weekdays! Which is great news for you, and to make sure we can cater for all your extra members needs and queries as best we can, the support team have brought in more staff to handle the weekend shifts. We want to make sure your members receive 100% customer care 7 days a week, not just 5, it’s so important for us to keep up that continuous customer satisfaction.

Moderations are also coming in thick and fast so to make sure your member profiles get approved as quickly as possible the support team are planning on also growing the moderation team. Interviews were held last week with lots of great potential candidates, so watch this space…we will have more mods staff in no time!


Thanks for Reading


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