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February has come and gone in a blink of an eye! The past month has been full of exciting plans and developments and there is much more still to come.

We have been in our new office for a month now and it already feels like home. The office move has proved to be hugely beneficial to all of the teams with communication dramatically improved.

With so much having gone on, there’s lots packed into this month’s newsletter:-


Partner Workshop Proves Hugely Positive

Last week saw the kick off of the first of our partner workshops. It was a huge success, with everyone coming away with great insight into Social Media and some great ideas for their site’s future.

With such great results coming out of the first workshop, we’re looking forward to rolling out this workshop to more partners later in the year.


South Africa Join the Online Dating Phenomenon


South Africa has really jumped onto the online phenomenon that is Internet dating. The uptake has been huge and the growth continues to show. Following research into the market, we’re currently working on the platform to improve the customer experience. We will be announcing more details about this over the next month.

The over 50’s network is doing particularly well over in South Africa at the moment with the network converting at 9.86%. A really high converting South Africa site that sits within this network is, the site has really taken off in SA and is converting above the average at 12.42%. This is a great example to check out both in terms of acquisition and retention.

The promising stats don’t stop there, since October 2009 the number of basic members on the over 50’s network has grown on average by 20% and the number of full members has grown 27.91% in the last month alone! Some great figures and more proof that SA is the place to be when it comes to dating.

With the market showing such growth and potential, setting up an international site has never been more appealing.

Your partner manager is there to help you make this happen. They have lots of advice and pointers to help a new launch go as smoothly and successfully as it possibly can. Go on try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Partner Classification


A select few of our gold partners recently attended an extra special dinner at the all famous Gordon Ramsay Claridge’s restaurant. The dinner was thoroughly enjoyed by the partners who attended. Putting on events such as these gives us a great opportunity to reward those partners who are showing excellent potential and commitment.

Back in October we informed you of your partner classification and as we confirmed at the time, these are renewed every six months and partners are able to move up and down .
A  re-classification has just recently taken place and all partners affected by changes have been contacted.

We make sure we look after all of our partners but there are huge benefits to becoming a gold partner. Some of these benefits include:

* Face-to-face meetings with your Partner Manager once per month
* 3 Bespoke marketing comms per month
* Timed exclusivity on preview new features
* Full technical support
* Strategic development consultation
* Exclusivity period on new market/niches/networks
* Access to partner events
* Tailored marketing support
* Internal PR support access
* Insight workshops

There’s no reason why each and every one of you should not become gold partners and we’re here to support you to get there. If you want any tips or help on improving your site and are interested on working to help move up a classification, your Partner Manager will be more than happy to help you with this.


What Our Platform Offers You……

You would recently have received an e-mail with new features that are launching soon to the WLD platform. We thought that it would be helpful to go into a bit more detail on a few of the updates you have coming your way in order for you to completely understand what you’re getting from us as a platform provider.

One development that we are really excited about and that will have a huge impact on your site and most importantly your members is the Anti-Scammer Moderation Process.

The reasoning behind the new moderation process is to help wipe out scammers from our systems. Scammers are an industry-wide issue that can lead to member dissatisfaction and therefore a reduction in their lifetime on the site. We want nothing but true honest members on your site and this process will be able to give you just that. The process will be introduced across all sites ensuring 100% member satisfaction.

As part of this new process, we will detect IP addresses and email addresses that have previously been assigned to a scammer and remove them from the system. All photos, videos, profile text and first messages will then be manually moderated by one of our UK based moderation team. All in all a very exciting move and one that will help improve the customer journey of your users.

Another exciting development we have coming soon is Advanced Search Options. Bringing in more advanced searches will enable your members to search for their match based on all profile fields, options and characteristics, for example body shape, occupation, marital status etc.

The improved search results will hugely increase the satisfaction of members and should see an uplift in conversions as basic members can see more individuals that are suitable for them, making them much more willing to sign up to become a full member.

With all the new developments that are taking place at the moment it has never been a better time to be a partner with White Label Dating!


Until next time…


As always thanks so much for reading, and remember you can check out our blog for more recent news and events.

Please do drop me a line if you would like to see anything in the next edition, we always love to hear from you. You can reach me at [email protected]

Tune in next month for more news and updates.

Kindest Regards

Francesca Heath

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