Our February comms round up

January is always a hard month to beat in terms of registrations, upgrades and site engagement so throughout February our comms team have ramped up their engagement with members in a number of ways.

Keep reading to find out their successes.

Online dating safety advice

On the 6th February (Safer Internet Day), we sent out an informative piece to all mainstream networks reminding them on how to stay safe online. This included tips reminding members to keep their information protected, to report any suspicious behaviour and of course to have fun whilst following the rules. There are no results to report on but there was a solid click through rate for this campaign.

Valentine’s Day engagement incentive

Between the 10th and 13th of February, we ran an incentive in all networks and countries giving away 100 free memberships if members updated their profile and uploaded a new photo. Once they did this, they were automatically entered in the draw to win. This increased photo submissions by 16% and profile submissions by 11%.

Valentine’s Day free read

On Valentine’s Day, we opened up all inboxes for basic members so they could read their messages for free between 6pm and midnight. This increased first messages being sent by 176%, the number of peak members online by 100% and daily logins by 12%.

Valentine’s Day discount offer

Between the 15th and 18th of February, straight after Valentine’s, we ran a 40% discount offer to all basic members in all countries. This contributed to a 44% increase in upgrades during this period and a 119% increase in re-initials.

Q&A reminder

On the 21st February, we sent round a reminder to all members in the General network to remind them to make sure their profile is up to date! The more answers members write, the more likely they are to find love. This increased answer submissions by 59%.

End of month flash sale

On the last day of the month, we sent out a flash sale to all basic members encouraging them to upgrade their account with it being payday for the majority! This increased upgrades by 58% and re-initials by 161%.

With a long bank holiday falling at the end of March, our comms team will be preparing some engaging campaigns and offers to take advantage of during this period. We’ll be sure to share the results with you next month.

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