How to make your visual content more effective

Our commercial team is made up of designers, digital marketers and developers – all experts in their fields and experienced in building effective dating sites. They run our own commercial sites on the White Label Dating platform like and

The purpose of the commercial team is to test new features, channels and techniques to find out what works so that we can pass these learnings on to our partners. From now on, we’ll be sharing their knowledge and top tips on how to improve your landing pages on our blog.

Our Senior Web Designer, Stephanie, stresses the importance of using visually attractive content to enhance your landing pages and social media posts. According to eMarketer, 87% of the most-shared posts on Facebook contain photos. Shares and retweets on social media help grow your presence online and increase your brand recognition, so it’s worth investing in high quality images to use in your posts.


One way to grab a user’s attention is to use GIFs.

You can use GIFs on your content pages, in your blog and social posts or in your advertising banners. They are an excellent way of showing more than one image in the same space and can be particularly effective in illustrating a how-to guide or telling a story through a sequence of images. If you’re thinking of adding GIFs, we’d advise you to stick to one or two per page – less is more in this case. You don’t want to distract the user from the main call-to-action button on the page.

To build your GIF, you can use a tool like GIFmaker that lets you build, edit and preview your image before saving it. It’s free to use – you just have to provide your own photos.

Use images that are relevant to your audience

Another way to make your content more effective is by analysing your target audience and testing different images to see which one achieves the best results.

Just Senior Singles Australia

We recently ran a test on Just Senior Singles in Australia where we tested the effect of different background images on conversion. Among other images, we tested an image of a senior couple with a sunny background – this helped ‘senior’ users living in sun-soaked Australia picture themselves using the site. This image achieved a visitor to registration rate of 37%, which is one of the highest rates we’ve ever seen!

This example shows that localised and realistic looking images are effective in helping the audience relate to the site. Keep this in mind when choosing your imagery and background content. Seasonal imagery is also known to be effective, so make sure you update the images you use regularly to reflect the seasons.

Consider setting up an A/B test to see which images perform better. You’ll soon get to know which images appeal most to your audience.

If you’d like to know more about how to make your visual content more effective, get in touch with the Partner team today.

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