UK lockdown announced in all but name – what it means for your dating business

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Last night, (15/12/21) the UK government announced a covid lockdown in all but name, encouraging people to limit their social interaction and work from home.
There is no doubt that as Covid cases rise again exponentially, then the advice is likely to become even more restrictive with more people social distancing and staying away from social interactions. This is likely to happen again in multiple territories.
How does this impact your dating business?
During the last lockdown, WhiteLabelDating saw a surge in the use of online dating with logins increasing by more than 172% – and it’s likely that further social restrictions over the next few months will result in increased usage of online dating sites. There are 2 key reasons you should be looking at your dating sites in the next few weeks – whether they’re on WhiteLabelDating or another platform:

Improved Conversion, More Rebill Success, and Higher LTV


In lockdown, people don’t spend as much money as they might usually. This means there is more money in their bank account.

A significant reason for conversion and rebill failure is insufficient funds. In previous lockdowns we saw an improvement in payment acceptance rates – this means improved conversion and more importantly improved rebill success – which can have a significant impact on the Lifetime Values of your members.

Just one or two more rebills per member may significantly improve your profitability.

With people unable to meet others in person, we saw users turning to features such as video calling and engaging more with content such as video profiles, video stories, photos, and diaries.

We expect this to happen again – online dating is a great way for people to meet new friends to talk to online.

So far we’ve seen more than 8million video stories and profile views and over 108,000 minutes of video calling across WLD.

We are also preparing to roll out our new live video streaming content feature across the WLD platform – this service will be providing live streaming entertainment 24/7 to your members to engage and retain them.

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In Summary
 Let’s hope that the impact of this next wave of Coronavirus is limited and the horrific projections turn out not to be accurate.
However, in the meantime, we will be working hard to support your members to connect, engage and share within tolerant, inclusive communities that help people live their happily ever now. If you would like any further information, please speak to your account manager or email us at [email protected]

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