Landing page conversion rates have increased by a HUGE 20%

The rate at which our partners’ traffic is converting from landing page visitors to registered site members has increased by a HUGE 20%+ in recent weeks. This comes as a result of ongoing landing page testing and optimisation.

We’re super excited to share that our on-going efforts to improve landing page conversion rates is continuing to be a massive success. This month, we’ve reported an uplift in registrations of 20% from landing pages built on our WLD Design Tool.

landing-page-conv (1)

What this means for our Partners

This means our partners are getting more registrations from the same marketing spend. Their landing pages, powered by White Label Dating, are simply converting page traffic to basic members at a higher rate.

Why is this important

Landing page testing is extremely important and our recent results demonstrate why . We will continue to test, ensuring the landing pages we offer our partners are always optimised to maximise conversion rates.

The more members our partners convert via their landing pages, the more upgrades they will achieve. This in turn leads to more revenue in our partners pockets.

What else

These results, combined with our recent deployment of new payment processing technology (which increased payment success across the White Label Dating platform by a massive 30%+!), are setting partners up for a very hot, lucrative summer period.

If you’re not running landing pages on our WLD Design Tool, get in touch today to learn about how you can better optimise your landing pages and content to boost your registrations.

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