June Comms round-up

As June began, we approached the end of a hugely successful May offer. This meant that the next order of the day was to provide members with advice to help them get the best possible online dating experience.

The Comms team kicked off the month with a series of testimonial campaigns. These success stories are a great way of putting a human face behind the sites, which really helps to focus users’ minds on the end result of their online dating journey.

June also saw the arrival of National Picnic Week in the UK! This was the perfect opportunity to recommend some first date ideas to our members, as we encouraged them to upgrade and start dating. CRM for National Picnic Day

In addition, the team revisited regular campaigns including a photo upload incentive, questionnaires, upsells to co-branded complementary services and, in the case of one network, a week long free access marathon. We also launched a number of test campaigns across specific networks; perhaps the most fruitful of which was the introduction of a geo-specific featured members campaign. This had a fantastic uptake rate and could mean the start of some even greater location-based comms in the future.

It was then back to some good old-fashioned special offers to tie in with the end of the month. All networks were part of the Father’s Day ‘free read’ on the 16th June, which lead nicely on to a competitive discount offer over the final weekend of the month. This gave some very positive response rates.

As we head further into summer, we’ll continue to keep bringing users back to our sites with news on new and relevant features, alongside seasonal offers to keep those upgrades coming in.

Matt Harman, Comms team

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