July comms round up

Our comms campaigns achieved some really strong results in July, leading to a 450% increase in photo uploads earlier in the month! More recently, our comms designer, Chris, has been experimenting by adding animation to his designs. Not only do they look great, but results show that they’ve had a positive effect on upgrades.

Here’s a snippet of just a few of the comms campaigns that we sent last month…


Photo upload incentive

At the beginning of the month we sent out an incentive to members on all non-US networks to encourage members to upload three or more photos to their profile. All members who uploaded more than three photos were entered into a draw and given the chance to win a free membership for three months. This campaign increased photo uploads by 450% (four hundred and fifty percent – no that’s not a typo)!


Independence Day photo upload incentive

On July 4th, we sent a photo upload incentive to all US networks to celebrate Independence Day! Members had to upload one photo at any point on the 4th July and we provided one lucky winner with a 30 day free membership. Photo uploads increased by an impressive 130% as a result of this campaign.

Mid-month offer

Our generous mid month offer ran between the 13th and 15th of July on all networks. The offer was successful in increasing upgrades by 20%.


Bolt-ons prompt series

On the 17th, 20th, 25th and 27th July we sent out a series of Bolt-on prompts to remind members that they can pay for extras such as read notifications, contacting members for free and VIP search. These prompts were sent out to all members and across all four dates, we saw a 240% increase in Bolt-on sales!


Photo upload prompt

On July 24th, we sent out a photo upload prompt to all networks that reminded members if they don’t have a photo, they are 10 x more likely to miss out on potential dates. It clearly served as an incentive as it increased photo uploads by 200%!


End-of-month offer

On the last few days of the month (28th-31st July), we sent out a new discount offer each day. To make the campaign eye catching and to give one final push for the month, we included animation and a fun play on words to grab members’ attention. These were sent out to all networks and increased upgrades by 33%.

Photo uploads have grown massively this month and we look forward to seeing what the comms team come up with next month, great work guys!

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