January comms round up

With New Year’s resolutions kicking in and people taking a break from socialising after a hectic Christmas, January is a popular time for finding love online.

To capitalise on this and boost member activity and engagement, our comms team created a range of campaigns and offers throughout January.

Here’s a rundown of last month’s comms campaigns:

New Year upgrade campaign

To drive engagement in the New Year, between the 4th and 6th of January we sent a reminder to basic members to upgrade their accounts and why. This offer provided an incentivise to those members who weren’t eligible for a discount over the Christmas period.


Countdown to Valentine’s Day

In the build up to Valentine’s Day, starting on the 17th January, we’re sending US members tips and advice on how to improve their profile to increase their chances of finding a date every Sunday until Valentine’s Day. The campaign has been extremely successful and to date, has increased photo uploads by +35%!


End of the Month offers

Between the 26th and 31st of January, we ran a Free Read campaign and ran a membership discount offer to all basic members. Offers were customised for different territories, taking place around significant days in each country’s calendar.

US network campaigns were themed as pre-Valentine’s Day and Australian Networks were themed for Australia Day. Over the 6 days the campaigns ran for, they drove huge levels of engagement resulting in an 80% increase in members online for the Free Read session and a 40% increase in daily upgrades.

In all, January was a successful month for the White Label Dating comms team! They successfully created effective campaigns that appealed to a large user base. Keep an eye out for upcoming seasonal offer and campaigns that will launch over the coming months.


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