Improved, sustained and reliable same-day conversion on WLD

Improved, sustained and reliable same-day conversion on WLD

Since deploying our anti-bot technology across the WLD platform we have seen a significant improvement in our metrics and the performance of the platform.

The chart below shows the pattern on same-day conversion since deploying our anti-bot technology in February:

Whilst the same-day conversion has significantly improved over the last week of February, it is also sustained, consistent and reliable showing that we have severely impacted the damaging effect of malicious anti-competitive bots targeting the WLD platform.

What are Bots?
Bots are software tools designed to carry out specific tasks, often mimicking human behaviour but able to do so on an unprecedented scale.

Malicious bots sent by competitors and third-party scrapers crawl the information from websites and publish it elsewhere or even sell the information. This is an illegal activity, done without consent of the website owner.

Such malicious bots have adverse effects on websites in many ways such as:

  1. Fake Accounts – the success of online dating sites relies on members communicating with each other. Bots can create fake accounts which dilute the effectiveness of communication, resulting in a reduced customer experience, reduced conversion and reduced lifetime value.
  2. Distorted Analytics – key metrics can easily be distorted by bot activity. For example, same-day conversion can be reduced by bots generating lots of accounts which reduce the conversion rate as there are many more accounts and the same number of upgrades.
  3. Reduced Email Performance – email verification rate and email delivery rate can be decimated by an influx of fake accounts generated by bots. This results in low email delivery and low effectiveness of any email marketing campaigns.
  4. Reduced Platform Performance – bots can reduce the performance of the platform generally by taking away resources from genuine members. This can slow the platform, reduce the customer experience and therefore reduce conversion rate and lifetime value.

For more information about Bots and how they can be dealt with, we would recommend

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