Huge +15% MoM increase in Average Initial transaction Value in Australia sees outstanding growth in Australia and our Partners investing are seeing an excellent return. 

In recent weeks we’ve seen platform conversion rates soar on both our Casual and Mainstream networks positively impacting conversion rates and partners ROIs.

We’ve seen an impressive +8% MoM increase in Average Initial transaction Value (the average amount spent by members the first time they upgrade on the WLD platform) across all networks combined, in Australia. In particular a whopping +15% MoM increase on the Mainstream network. This comes as a result of our extensive efforts to improve platform performance as well as fantastic optimisation from WLD partners.

This impressive growth shows that the traffic our Partners are driving in Australia has a high propensity to pay and that more of them are taking up longer subscription packages, giving our Partners a higher return, faster! Seeing return straight away allows Partners to reinvest with confidence, permitting monthly revenue growth with no concerns.

Our Partner team are working hard with Partners to optimise their pricing across sites to ensure the perfect balance is met to capture members with longer subscriptions, as well as those one month subscribers that have a higher propensity to rebill. Both are vital in ensuring a sustainable marketing strategy. We’ll help you find that balance!

Keen to grow your portfolio into Australia?

Utilise our WLD Design Tool today to get new sites up and running in no time. The tool is completely free for all of our partners! We even cover the cost of hosting and SSL, giving you more time and money to invest in your marketing campaigns.

Here are some key benefits for our partners utilising the tool:

  • 100% FREE for all partners
  • Fully-responsive sites optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Lightning FAST downloads through our Content Delivery Network
  • Highly customisable and easy to use
  • No need for designers, developers or manual coding
  • Optimised for GoogleSite Scores
  • Continually updated for latest web standards
  • Benefit automatically from the latest deployments from WLD – eg. Search Engine
  • Optimisation

Get in touch with your account manager or reach out to [email protected] if you’re interested in growing your portfolio into Australia.

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