How we engaged with our members throughout May…

With a double bank holiday falling in May, we had some great offers going out to members which received huge uptakes. Our mid month flash sale increased re-initials by almost 600%!

Keep reading to find out more about the offers and incentives we sent out last month.

May Day bank holiday offer

Between the 4th and 7th of May, we ran a discounted membership offer to all UK basic members taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend. This contributed to a 64% increase in upgrades during this period and a 159% increase in upgrades in re-initials. A good start to the month!

Reminder to use Encounters

On May the 9th, we sent out a reminder to all members in all networks to use Encounters. Encounters is a game that members can play on site that allows them to swipe yes, no or maybe to other members. We sent out a different campaign image to different age groups so they could engage with the imagery more. This increased daily Encounters engagement by 72%.

Flash sale

We ran a hugely successful flash sale on Wednesday 16th of May, it lasted for one day only and offered half price memberships for all UK and Ireland basic members. This increased upgrades by 189% and re-initials by 568%!

Reminder to fill out Q&A’s

On May 28th, we sent out a reminder to all members to encourage them to ‘beef up their profiles’ to give them more of a chance of finding a date! By filling out the Q&A section on their profiles, members will be able to share more about themselves. This increased answer submissions by 31%.

End of month offer

Our end of month offer in May went out between the 28th and 31st to all basic members in all territories. The contributed to a 54% increase in upgrades and a 139% increase in re-initials.

With the World Cup starting this month, we have lots of engagement campaigns planned around this. We’ll also being sending out all the regular offers so keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come.

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