How to plan and write the perfect blog post

Great content is one of the most effective ways to drive business growth. However, it can also be hard to get those ideas into writing. 

There are times when you are full to the brim of ideas and motivated to let the world see your creative juices overflowing! writers_block

Other times, you might spend hours trying to come up with a good idea, much less write your first sentence.

However, blog posts are still the top asset to engage with your audience and get people to visit your dating site.

Nearly 80% of companies actively use content marketing to grow their business.

So what’s the one thing that can allow you to pack more power into each blog post so that getting people to join your dating site?


A persuasive blog post not only gets the conversation started, but it creates an appetite for your ideas and your dating brand without coming across as sleazy. 

The following is a system that allows anyone to create powerful content in record time.


Step #1: Bank a load of content Ideas.

When you can’t think of what to write about, there are four simple ways you can come up with worthy blog topics.

Analyze your Dating Product

Never blog for the sake of blogging and you are more likely to see a return on your time investment.

Consider your dating brand, what it can offer to an individual, and ask questions.

What are your visitors looking for in a dating site?

Addressing the objections people have about your brand is the best way to improve your conversion rates.

What could be member pain points?

So many people neglect this step.

You want to tell an effective story, create hyper-relevant content, and write with authority.

Never ignore the people you’re trying to reach as you will accomplish success. 

You want to win the hearts and minds of your blog audience and in online dating the heart can be more powerful than the head! 

 Here’s where you can get that insight:

  • Blog comments
  • Niche dating forums
  • Twitter searches
  • Searching for your own site

What questions are your visitors/members asking? What objections do they have? What do they need help with?

Takedown these ideas word for word. The goal at this point is to build that bank of blog ideas and topics.


Step #2: Pack Your Post With Value

You have researched where you can find the audience’s pain points, you have a whole host of topics to write about in the future… it’s now time to transfer that value to your blog post.

Some quick tips for writing dynamic body content:

Tip #1: Strike the right balance between emotion and ration. Hitting the emotional button is critical but your readers have a need for logic, particularly if they’re being promised the offer of true love.

Tip #2: Readers should be able to easily implement your solutions themselves and see an immediate benefit or result. 

Tip #3: Let your personality show up. Your unique writing voice will take time to develop, but here’s what you can do to accelerate the process. Maybe create an imaginary reader, name them, and write like you’re having a conversation with that ONE person.

Step #3: Write A Solid Close And CTA (Get them back to the site)

While there are no rules, there are some tips and tricks for closing effectively:

Tip #1: Emphasise the main message. You don’t want your blog post to seem incomplete with no resolution to your blog post’s point. 

Tip #2: Give readers a reason to act with urgency. What’s the big benefit? What’s the ultimate promise? Remind them so they’ll be inclined to act on your solutions.

Tip #3: End with a conversation starter. Asking a question at the end gives readers a nudge to engage and comment on your post.

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