How can WLD give 100% net revenue share for a whole year?

After noticing some pretty attractive commission rates at WLD, our CEO, and co-founder, Ross Williams, was interviewed by industry guide Online Personals Watch, who wanted to know more about how we can give 100% net revenue share for a whole year! Keep reading to see the questions Mark Brooks had for our founder.

How can you afford to give 100% commission?
We’re offering 100% net revenue share after payment processing (which varies by network) which covers the cost of taking payment but other than that partners will receive all revenue generated for a period of at least 12 months then up to 80% net revenue share (which all partners can earn on our standard tiered revenue share scheme).

Are you making anything on the back-end to allow this to be sustainable?
No we’re not looking to make any money on this – the reason we’re doing this is that we’re now able to scale massively after considerable investment in 2018 in our infrastructure and internal processes. For example, much of our moderation, customer care and internal processes that were once manual are now able to be automated thanks to phenomenal developments in AI technology in recent years. So our overheads are lower which means we can scale without the need to add people.

As we gain scale through new partnerships and new site on the WLD platform our current partners will benefit from the activity generated on the platform by these new sites – that’s why we’re doing this.

What is the commission structure and conditions for the ongoing 80% commission?
Very simply – partners will continue to earn 80% commission for life as long as they grow their daily initial revenue by just 2% per month. For example, if this month they generate £100 in initial revenue (new subscriptions) then next month they’ll need to generate £102 in initial revenue to receive 80% net revenue. In practise this works out at a very small number of new registrations per month.

If partners fail to hit this growth – which can happen in extreme circumstances – then they can still earn 65% or 50% depending on their tier which is still very competitive in the industry, particularly considering our industry-leading performance for English-speaking markets.

Our founder went on to answer questions around our best performing niches and territories for affiliates, as well as details on mobile and apps.

To read the full interview and find out what WLD has in store for 2019 click here.

It’s not too late to take advantage of our 100% offer…

We’re still accepting applicants to receive 100% net revenue share for a minimum of 12 months on sites being moved to WLD from other dating platforms, then up to 80% for life – guaranteed – as part of our rapid-growth tiered revenue share scheme.

In addition to 100% net revenue share, we are offering partners:

  • Free hosting for landing pages
  • Free SSL certificates for sites and landing pages
  • Rapid-growth tiered revenue share program
  • Concierge member migration service to help migrate members from other platforms to WLD

For new partners, more information is available at – if you are an existing partner, please contact your account manager today.

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