Global Personals ranked alongside Amazon and Microsoft in Tech City’s top 100 businesses in Berkshire.

London/Windsor, 12 February 2015: This week Tech City UK released Tech Nation; a new report providing a comprehensive analysis of the businesses powering the UK’s digital economy. We’re delighted that Global Personals was ranked in a list of the top 100 tech businesses in Berkshire, joining tech giants Amazon and Microsoft.
The UK’s strongest digital economies were profiled in the report and notable entries included Reading (inc. Berkshire) and London. Berkshire, home to our Windsor HQ, is considered as one of the strongholds fuelling the digital economy outside of London, offering diversity to both tech development and workforce.

Unsurprisingly, inner London is still regarded as Europe’s digital capital, with a high density of skilled developers based in the city. With innovation at the forefront, we opened our Covent Garden offices in 2013 to develop our very own inner-city tech hub, utilising the wealth of professional developers.

The report recognised the continued development of the e-commerce landscape; in 2014 over 71% e-commerce organisations recorded growth. Global Personals continues to play a part in this fast-growing industry that offers powerful economic potential, as last year alone saw the UK population spent £54billion online.

Steve Pammenter, COO and co-founder of Global Personals said,

“Tech City’s report has put the spotlight onto e-commerce and digital clusters, such as Reading, which we’ve been a part of since 2003.

It’s fantastic for Global Personals to be recognised amongst industry innovators, and with our entrepreneurial spirit we’re determined to continue contributing to the UK’s thriving digital economy.”

See the full report here.  

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