Far From Pants!

It’s great to see our partners using current affairs and taking full advantage to create clever promotional advertising campaigns! The ever innovative Carl Christensen has designed a highly amusing advert for one of his sites, The advert, which takes the form of a humorous image, has the never forget factor to it, and is sure to amuse. It will undoubtedly get forwarded on by email to friends, and friends of friends.

By not being an outward push for a dating site, we’re sure that it will capture the imagination of those who may not have been interested in looking at dating sites before and should see a boost to the traffic of his site!

Clever advertising campaigns will not only keep your brand out there in the public eye but will also get people talking about you – great for viral marketing. Check out the ad below and see what you think of it. We wish Carl all the best for his site and hope the pants pay off!

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