Don’t Go Commando Go Ngego…What side will you wear yours?

One of our partners, has come up with a very trend setting idea which has really kicked off to a great start! With the summer festival season in full swing has taken full advantage of the young, single festival goers.

The new site is all about helping people with their confidence when it comes to talking and meeting new people and this new confidence comes in the form of three colourful wristbands.

So the wristbands…they are double sided, one side being white and the other being coloured and cost just £2.00 each. We have the pink one for the girls, blue for the guys and a black one if you fancy being different. The idea is if you wear the band white side out it means you are happy to be approached and are open for conversation. If you wear the band the coloured side out it means you are with someone or perhaps just fancy a hassle free day. The concept of the bands is that they put you in control, and make people aware of what mood you’re in, whatever that may be.


The bands have really taken off with 6,156 sold at Glastonbury and a total of 28,396 bands being sold in total. New trends such as this one really take off, and we can see the ngego bands being a must have before the festival season is over, we already have ours and love them!

Superb idea and keep up the good work!

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