Monthly Newsletter – December

November has been another hugely successful month at White Label Dating HQ. We’ve wrapped up our 2019 Partner Conference and we’re excited to share with you our up and coming product enhancements to help mould your growth strategy for the next 12 months. Here’s what has been going on and what we have in store for December and the New Year.

The White Label Dating Platform

Product enhancements to boost partners revenues and profits are at the heart of our roadmap. We’re making excellent progress on a number of projects and we’re excited to share them with you.

Postback Tracking for your Google campaigns

We’ve launched our postback tracking functionality that allows you to link accurate lifetime revenues to your Google campaigns. This means every time we process an initial, re-initial or re-bill payment together with refunds and chargebacks we update the LTV generated from your marketing campaigns.


By setting up postback tracking you can effectively see a campaign’s ROI and spend your money on the campaigns that will make you a higher return and generate the largest LTV! Check out our guide on how to set up postback tracking for your Google campaigns and have your campaigns ready for Christmas.

In 2020 we will also be introducing generic postback tracking for a number of other sources to ensure accuracy is consistent for all partners across all acquisition channels.

Payments and Chargeback Management

Launched in September, 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) has since been rolled out to more sites on the WLD platform. We’re positive that implementing 3DS2 will be a further step towards preventing fraud as scammers will no longer be able to get past the two-factor authentication to successfully create an account and make payments.

Scammer payments lead to an increase in chargebacks which can be detrimental for an online business. A reduction in scammer payments will result in a better reputation with banks and a subsequent increase in acceptance rates.


New and improved optimised registration forms

Our partners have told us that since launching our GDPR compliant reg form in 2018, it would be great to have variants of this so tests can be set live for different audiences and networks to ensure basic conversions are maximised. We’re excited to share that we have now released a new and improved registration form to improve click-to-registration rate.

The new registration form includes a ‘chatbot’ style feature prompting members through each step with a personalised feel. It’s important to remember that not everyone that lands on your site is ready to sign up right away, therefore having a clear explanation of what is required at each step can positively influence the user experience. We anticipate that this will be particularly beneficial for mature audiences. 

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With better performing sign-up forms, we’re confident partners will see an increased basic conversion rate resulting in more sign-ups and in turn increased revenue. This form is one of many to come. Let us know what you think! 


SEO Tool

Are you using our new SEO tool yet? Our brand new SEO tool was built to strengthen your organic positioning for specific high volume keywords that you already rank for, as well as strengthen your position for location specific pages within the sites territory (the tool creates these for you). The overall improvement in your online presence will increase traffic to your domain and make you more money – for free! This tool is available for all sites built on our WLD Design tool.

Speak to your Partner Manager today to get our new tool activated on your sites.

Our Team

We’ve moved!

Towards the end of November we moved to our brand new office at Amazon’s ex Headquarters. All of our contact details remain the same. Our new address can be found on our Offices page. Here’s a sneak peek of our new office…

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White Label Dating’s 2019 Partner Conference wraps up!

Last month we held our 2019 Partner Conference at the Macdonald Hotel, Windsor. The event was a huge success and we’re excited to see the projects discussed progress over the coming months, as well as report on the success of recent projects mentioned in November’s Partner Conference. Here’s a recap of the day and further insight into what we covered.

Next year we’ll be holding another Partner Conference to update on all commitments and projects outlined this November. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll soon be disclosing the location and confirmed plans for our 2020 European Tour.

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What to expect in the months ahead


Brand NEW Partner Portal

To help boost your revenues and to make sure you have the campaign analytics you need to ensure your site is performing at its very best we’ve listened to your feedback and have been working hard to continually make improvements to the Partner Portal. We’re excited to announce that in early 2020 we’ll be launching a brand new Portal

The new and improved Partner Portal will include enhanced forecasting and ROI calculations, phone and tablet apps for both iOS and Android devices to provide optimised reporting and full site management on any device, the ability to send scheduled and event-triggered reports and alerts, and lots, lots more!

Take advantage of the increase in traffic over the festive period

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone. If you fail to adapt your campaigns to cope with an increased number of seasonal searches over the festive period, you’re missing a trick!

Over the festive period, the White Label Dating Platform typically sees a natural uplift in traffic running from December until the end of February. With only 22 days until Christmas now is a good time to prepare and optimise your campaigns to make the most of the uplift in traffic and avoid missing out on those extra clicks.

Stay tuned for our weekly updates providing the best tips and tricks to help maximise your traffic over the festive period. Don’t forget, your Account Manager is on hand to support you – get in touch with them today. 

All the best,

The Team at White Label Dating



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