Our December comms round up

Our first comms round up of 2018 is here and we’re going to be sharing all the results from our Christmas campaigns!

Keep reading to find out the success of our customer engagement campaigns that ran throughout December.

Reminder to use Introductions

Introduction messages allow members to message other members within their filtered criteria to increase their chances of starting a conversation with someone like minded. On 1st December, we sent out a reminder to all countries and networks to remind them to use their Introductions. This increased the number of Introduction messages submitted by 27%.

Fix up your profile

On 10th December, we sent out another reminder to all countries and networks to remind them to update their profile for the festive period. We offered members the chance to win a three month free membership if they updated the ‘About Me’ section on their profile. This increased profile submissions by 23%.

Flash sale

On 13th December, we offered a flash sale to basic members in all countries. This comprised of a half price discount when they upgraded their account from a basic membership. This contributed to a huge 99% increase in upgrades on this date and a 335% increase in re-initials!

Let’s play Encounters

We sent out a reminder to all networks on the 20th December to encourage members to play Encounters. Playing Encounters is an easy way to meet people on the site by simply swiping yes or no. This increased the number of users playing Encounters by 30%.

Post Christmas discounted membership

On Boxing Day, we sent out a discounted membership offer to all basic members. This campaign tried to create a positive Christmas feel and encouraged singles to start looking for love. The offer lasted for the whole day and increased upgrades by 29% and re-initials by 60%.

End of year engagement prompt

As the year drew to a close, our comms team encouraged members to complete their profile before new members joined the site in the new year. This increased profile submissions by 16%, photo submissions by 11% and Q&A answers by 20% compared with the post Christmas averages which were already 20-30% higher than pre Christmas activity.

January is our busiest period for registrations, upgrades and site activity – check out our comms round up at the beginning on February to find out how we engaged with this influx in members.

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