It’s a double lockdown for online dating as Easter approaches!

Bank Holiday Easter weekend is fast approaching, people are in isolation and social distancing, but fear not! This doesn’t mean they are disconnecting from one another. With some extremely healthy metrics having presented themselves this time last year, combined with the increase in people online in recent weeks (read on to view some eye opening search term trends), we’re encouraging our partners to contribute in every way they can to society in light of the current pandemic, but profitably of course!

Here’s a reminder of what happened last Easter!

Last Easter weekend, from bank holiday Friday through to Easter Monday, White Label Dating’s UK network saw a massive +21% increase in its same-day conversion rate (people upgrading their free membership to a paid subscription on the same day that they register) versus April 2019’s average in its entirety.

Last year, over this same 4 day weekend, our partners’ initial revenue per basic (the amount of revenue earned per each registration) was also substantially higher than the monthly average at +17%! The boost in initial revenue meant that our partners could confidently increase spend on their campaigns over Easter knowing they’d get back much more bang for their buck!

bunnysGood Friday (19th April 2019) resulted in the fifth highest same-day conversion rate of the entire year! The succeeding Saturday was the fourth highest day for same-day conversion rate in H1 of 2019 also, still within the top 15 days for the year.  

Increasing traffic over the long weekend made way for an incredibly strong end to the month, as the boost in traffic also enhanced longer-tail conversions at month end and even into May and June, as our enticing engagement emails got member’s back online and into the billing cycle.

Why are we reminding you of this? Because this year it’s going to be even better!

This Easter society faces social distancing, but social distancing doesn’t mean disconnecting from one another. In light of recent Covid-19 events, many online services, in particular online dating and social networking platforms, have seen exponential growth as users are self-isolating and relying on such platforms to get them through the day. 

In March we looked at Google Search Trends and highlighted that there had been a shift towards online vs offline dating searches. This week we carried out some further analysis, adding in ‘chat’ related search terms and found that the demand for online services is increasing further. You can see the impact of coronavirus on search traffic below – the trends are prevailing and increasing as days go by. 

The graph below shows online themed search terms, ‘date online’ and ‘chat online’, versus the offline themed search term ‘chat online’, throughout March and into April.  

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 12.03.39This month (1-6th April 2020) our UK network’s same-day conversion rate is already +12% higher than April 2019’s average and that’s with Bank Holiday Friday and Saturday, as well as Easter Sunday and Monday, still to come!

With a double lockdown for dating as Easter approaches, there is a huge opportunity for our partners to boost their businesses at the same time as supporting society through such challenging times, keeping them online and connected! 

Want to go the extra mile? 

Why not add some new juicy, but more importantly, useful, content to your blogs and landing pages! People know that they should be self-isolating and nearly everyone is adhering to this. We already know that this not impacting their desire to chat and find entertainment and connections online through dating sites, just like yours. Why not help them through this less than ideal situation and prompt those extra few registrations! 

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