Dating in the UK vs. US

Since opening our office in Boston back in January 2015, White Label Dating has experienced consistent and rapid growth in the US.

To help you make smart decisions about where to invest in this territory, our US Partner team have put together a guide to the best performing niches and demographics in the US and UK.

Which niches work best?

In the US, the top performing niches are Mature, Christian and Single Parent sites. With the US being such a big country, geographical niching is also very important. Geographically niched sites are performing well in California, New York, Florida and Texas.

Similarly, in the UK Mature and Single Parent sites remain in the top three best performing niches, accompanied by Casual dating sites. It’s also worth considering investing in sites for Cougars and Divorced singles.

What are the most popular age demographics?

Five years ago, the most common group of people using online dating in the US were those aged 30-55. However, 55+ is now the fastest growing demographic of online dating users across the market.

In the UK, usage is much broader with online daters commonly ranging from 18 to 60+. However, it’s interesting to note that the Mature 40+ demographic typically have a higher propensity to convert.

Creating sites that target this demographic could significantly increase your ROI.

Increase your ROI by creating sites and campaigns targeting these niches and demographics. It’s particularly important to make sure that all of the images and language that you use to market your niche dating sites is relevant to the audience that you’re targeting.

If you need any help optimising your sites for a particular niche, get in touch with the Partner team today.

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