Cupid’s vaccine sees 30% surge in demand for our partners’ dating sites

Cupid has replaced his arrow with a vaccine needle! Our partners have seen a 30% increase in demand for their sites on the White Label Dating platform since the vaccination programme started to roll out to everyone from March 2021.

The Covid-19 vaccine programme is helping people to confidently meet in person and find love again. We’re proud to be working closely with our partners to support our users and help them connect, engage and share within tolerant, inclusive communities across our network.

So far this September, we’ve seen a a +30% increase in paying subscribers since March this year – the time that people aged over 50 started to receive vaccinations in the UK.

Same-day Upgrade Rate (All Territories)Graph 1: Platform-wide same-day conversion rate from March to September (30% growth).


During the same time period, the number of members upgrading to paid subscriptions across our USA network doubled, positively correlating with the uptake of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the states.

Same-day Upgrade Rate (USA)

Graph 2: USA network same-day conversion rate from March to September (105% growth).


As in-person dates continue to rise, through vaccination awareness and the use of enhanced online video features, such as ‘video calling’ which launched across the White Label Dating platform in February, plus ‘video profiles’ and ‘video stories’ which launched more recently, we’re confident that upgrade rates and our partners’ campaign ROI will experience growth as people gain confidence to meet in person and find love again.

It’s an exciting time for our partners to be growing their dating revenues both in the UK and internationally.

In our most recent press release, our CEO, Ross Williams, commented: “Clearly, Cupid has replaced his arrow with vaccines. The rate at which members are subscribing to sites across our network has risen by a third since Q2 this year, when the vaccination programme started.

“Dating is about developing an emotional connection. Vaccines are giving people the confidence to go out and start meeting new people again. 

“September in particular has been incredibly popular for online dating and there’s no doubt in my mind that vaccinations, paired with lock-down lifting, could be responsible for many marriages and babies next year!”

For the full release click here.

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