Computer Business Review Interviews Global Personals CEO, Ross Williams

Wink, Meet, Delete – The Crazy World Of Internet Dating 

 Computer Business Review’s Gary Flood takes a look at how dating is rapidly changing our digital landscape. With Global Personals’ company sites receiving 6 million visitors per day plus a huge 85 million unique page views being logged last month, Flood speaks to Global Personals founder and CEO Ross Williams about the issues that surround the industry:

Williams says there are issues in the industry but that his firm takes great pains to avoid them. “Some dating sites outsource too much and have moderation teams in different parts of the world and so on so they don’t take enough care to validate responses and check that each profile or first message is from a genuine person and has the content it should be,” he says. “There are some unethical practices out there that do need stamping out. But for us, customer service is paramount so we take care to try and prevent this as much as possible”.

…What we have here is a great UK technology company growing and doing well, plainly. Williams also stresses that the last thing he’d do is outsource his technologists, either; he says the fact that they can have coffee in the same kitchen as his customer service or business development people is a huge bonus for the company in terms of innovation and dealing with problems.

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