August comms round-up

August saw a flurry of new product developments arriving on the White Label Dating® platform, so we had plenty of opportunities to keep users engaged and shout about the new quality features on the sites.

Towards the middle of the month, the Spotlight Bar launched. And so ensued a month-long series of campaigns alerting members about the new feature and sharing advice on how to make the most of it. We also included some details about the positive impact that appearing the Spotlight Bar had on some users’ success rates in the first few weeks of its launch. Sales of positions in the Spotlight Bar increased by more than half after the initial campaigns went out and have continued to spike whenever we send a new follow-up campaign.


Our second big product launch of the month was the roll-out of the new Q&A section of members’ profiles. Given the natural boost in engagement levels that we saw when the feature went live, we delayed an email launch so that early adopters were rewarded and didn’t get lost in the crowd. When we eventually did send a big email campaign, engagement levels again increased by almost 50%.


The final feature released in August was the resetting of users’ Introductions messages. This allowed anyone who had previously sent one to write a new one and introduce themselves to a whole new group of members at once (users were previously only allowed to send one Introductions message on sign-up). As a result, daily use of the Introductions feature more than doubled and generated a 250% increase in the number of messages being delivered to inboxes. That meant that we ended the month on a real high with a welcome surge in users connecting with one another for the last week of the month.


Aside from the app-wide activity, the UK had a public holiday in August. To maximise the extra time users had off work, meaning more people online, we created a brand new ‘featured members’ campaign. This combined a selection of hand-picked members with useful tips and advice for making contact with someone new. The campaign had a very strong response rate.


Labor Day weekend in the US and Canada snuck in right at the end of the month. With a large proportion of the networks enjoying a free membership period to boost engagement levels, we again made use of featured member campaigns along with a greeting-card style login reminders. Early results suggest a healthy increase in daily logins.
I’m sure you’ll agree that August was a bumper month for the White Label Dating comms team! We look forward to an equally fruitful September. We’ll be back this time next month to share details of how we drove members back to your sites in September. Until next time!

Matt Harman, Email Marketing Manager, White Label Dating® comms team

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