Are WLD mad giving away 100% net revenue share?

In February, WLD announced that eligible new customers would receive 100% net revenue share for a minimum of 12 months. GDI spoke to our CEO and co-founder Ross Williams about the initial success of the project, and about how the company plans to keep moving forward in the future.

Keep reading to see the questions GDI had for our founder.

Offering top partners 100% Rev Share was a bold move from WLD. How did the idea come about?
We’re delighted to be offering new partners 100% net revenue share – across all networks and territories – for a minimum of 12 months. We’re also offering this to selected existing partners who have demonstrated a desire for growth and a long-term commitment to the WLD platform.

We made a lot of changes to our business behind the scenes in 2018 and we’re now in a strong, sustainable position where we can offer 100% net revenue share for a year to give our partners the confidence to invest for the long-term… read more.

What else can we expect from WLD over the course of 2019?
In the next few months, we’ll be sharing more about our strategy for growing the USA market on the back of the work we’ve done on payment processing and we hope to have more to share on this subject next month.

In addition, perhaps the most exciting development is that we will soon be able to support multiple languages, territories and currencies which will allow us to offer our services in dozens of countries around the world and bring our industry-leading conversion and lifetime values to the territories we don’t currently support… read more.

You can still earn up to 100% net share…

 We’re still offering Partners 100% net revenue share (after payment processing fees) for a minimum of 12 months – then up to 80% for life – guaranteed – when you move your site from another platform to WLD.

 In addition to 100% net revenue share, we are offering partners:

  •  Free hosting for landing pages
  •  Free SSL certificates for sites and landing pages
  •  Rapid-growth tiered revenue share program
  • Concierge member migration service to help migrate members from other platforms to WLD

For new partners, more information is available at – if you are an existing partner, be sure to reach out to your account manager today.

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