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Welcome to the April edition of the White Label Dating newsletter, a month filled with the excitement of the arrival of spring. The clocks have gone forward, the nights are slowly becoming lighter, winter coats have been put away and the parks are full of loved up couples taking a Spring stroll….all in all a perfect month for your members to start finding some love.

April has also been as busy as ever here at the White Label Dating offices with partner workshops, new site developments and platform updates. Have a read to see what your WLD team have been working on.

Helping Your Members ‘Break the Ice’

Inline is always keen to introduce new features to improve the platforms to increase revenue and improve retention. One of our latest developments was the introduction of Icebreakers which have seen an exciting increase in conversion levels on the sites.

Icebreakers allow members on the site to introduce themselves to members of the opposite sex determined by age and location in one easy email. All done by a simple click of a button.

Not only does this lower the barrier for entry, it encourages basic members to upgrade to respond with email, which we believe will see an improvement in conversions across the sites. One of the biggest benefits is that it also encourages a better quality of members in the database as in order to be able to send an Icebreaker the members are required to have a full profile and moderated profile picture.

At present the icebreakers are still only available across the General network and to women on the Adult network. This is to encourage more women to engage in communication with men on the site, which we know gets more of them paying! We will continue to review the performance across the Adult network before deciding whether to introduce to male members in the future.

This is a great new feature which helps your site stand out from the competition and we would encourage you to build this into your online marketing campaigns moving forwards. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the effect this new development could have on your site and your members feel free to give your Partner Account Manger a call and they will be happy to help.


2010 Partner Awards


We just wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten about this year’s Partner Awards. You still have a good 6 months left until the closing date, which is the 30th September 2010 so you have plenty of time to tweak those marketing campaigns to the best they can be and shine those new site designs until they sparkle.

Here is a quick recap of the categories….

1. Partner of The Year*

2. Biggest UK Revenue Growth*

3. Biggest International Revenue Growth*

4. Most Successful Casual Site

5. Best Converting Site

6. Best Site For Retention & Lowest Churn

7. Best Site For Re-Initials

8. Best Site For Lifetime Value

9. Best Site Design

10. Best Marketing Campaign

Not that you need reminding of the fabulous prizes that are up for grabs but just in case you have forgotten what amazing things you could win, let us give you a little reminder……

The winners of the top three categories, Partner of The Year, Biggest UK Revenue Growth and Biggest International Revenue Growth will receive an all expenses paid trip to either Miami, New York, Las Vegas or Dubai, the choice is yours.

Not only that there are also high tech gadgets, vintage champagne and a weekend away in a top London hotel up for grabs. The awards really are a great opportunity for you to get more involved with your site(s) and it gives us a great chance to award you for all your hard work and determination.

If you need a helping hand or just want to chat over some ideas for the awards give your Partner Manager a call. The winners will be announced later in the year.  Good luck!!


General Network Sees Strengthened Performance

Many of our partners own a portfolio of dating sites including a general site which is something that we would always encourage. Not only does this assist you to extend your brand but allows you to easily use online advertising to promote the site. General sites are much easier to promote through social networks and of course can be advertised on search engines.

In the past 4 weeks alone, reinitials have seen an increase of 67%, initials 20% and a reduction in terminations of 24.7%. Some examples of sites that are really performing well on the general network include;

It’s not only the UK general network that is performing well. The South African general network is outstanding with the number of basic members up by 5.65% in just one month and full members increasing by 3.54%. Some general South African sites that are doing really well include;

With such a strong support team behind you it’s never been easier to set up a new site. Why not take this opportunity to set up a new site and generate the opportunity for cross promotion from your existing database. Your Partner Manager will be happy to discuss this further with you.


New Moderation System Implemented


In a continued effort to improve the quality of the database, increasing conversion and retention, we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

The recent introduction of the new moderation system means that our support team now have the best possible tools to give outstanding service to the members. We have now implemented a process which means that all profiles, first messages, diary entries and photos are now approved by one of our team members in Windsor.

Since introducing this new workload the support team have introduced a new moderations team who are solely dedicated to moderations, they are working shifts between the hours of 8:00am and 11:00pm so your members can find their profiles being updated in record speed. Our average moderation time is just 3 hours and improving.


See You Next Month


Thanks so much for reading, and remember you can check out our blog and Twitter page for more recent news and updates.

Please do drop me a line if you would like to see anything in the next edition of the newsletter, we always love to hear from you. You can reach me at [email protected]

Have a lovely Month and enjoy Easter, try not to eat too much chocolate!

Kindest Regards

Francesca Heath

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