April Comms round-up

So, after building up to an Easter-themed Comms crescendo in March, we may have been forgiven for easing off for a few weeks – but no, not us!

The relative calm of early April gave us the ideal opportunity to create some more tightly-targeted CRM campaigns, differing from the “one size fits all” flavour that goes hand in hand with international holidays.

We began with a super-generous offer to attract inactive members back to the sites. Results on this kind of campaign aren’t typically high; however, when someone does open an email, click-through-rates (CTRs) can be up to 3x greater than those from a standard campaign. This excellent CTR contributed to several thousand inactive users coming back to us, signing up for a full membership and re-monetising their profiles.

Towards the end of the month, geo-specific campaigns came into play with impressive discounts to celebrate Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand, Freedom Day and Workers’ Day in South Africa, Cinco de Mayo in the USA, and May Day in the UK and Ireland. Despite some glorious weather contending for users’ attention (in the UK at least!), these offers gave us a strong return, setting a positive precedent for the coming summer months.

In between offers, we took the chance to highlight some of the features on the platform. With summer fast-approaching in the UK, Irish and North American networks, people will be out-and-about a lot more, meaning that this is the perfect time to remind members about our mobile dating functionality. We also told members about the importance of a complete profile, a good set of photos and video profiles, as tools to attract more attention on the sites. April also brought with it the second of our monthly “ask the expert” newsletters, and some experimental “featured member” campaigns, some of which will be making their way into the regular campaign schedule over the coming weeks.

Watch this space for news of May’s campaigns!

Matt Harman, Comms team

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