We’ve seen an incredible +25% MoM increase in initial revenue per registration

We’re delighted to report that on-going price point and upgrade process testing and optimisation has resulted in a significant +25% increase in the amount of revenue our partners are making from each registration they drive to their dating sites on the WLD platform.

What we’ve done

As part of our continued efforts to improve how much revenue our partners generate from the traffic they send to their dating sites, our team has been working on some very exciting optimisations to the upgrade process that members go through on their journey to becoming a full paying member

So far, the results have blown us away! 

Growth-1What have we seen

Since implementing these innovative optimisations across the platform we’ve seen a staggering +25% increase in initial revenue per registration. This is the amount of revenue, on average, our partners earn from each member they send to their dating site. In certain demographics we’re seeing initial revenue per registration almost double!

This means that partners are now generating a quarter more revenue from every single member that signs up to their sites. This is a material difference when it comes to planning how much our partners can afford to spend when acquiring a registration.

With more money coming in from each registration, our partners are able to acquire traffic much more confidently and be much more aggressive when bidding in online auctions to acquire registrations for their dating sites, for example through Google or Bing, knowing they will see a strong return on their investment.

And don’t forget, these increased revenues exclude the revenue from their repeat transactions coming as a result of WLD’s successful subscription based model. This means that partners will continue to reap the rewards, as members continue to rebill  for months to come.  

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