+100% increase in USA Mainstream same-day conversion has doubled the conversion rate of dating sites in the USA following the introduction of a new domestic payment processor. 

Blank 2000 x 1000 (2)Following the launch of our new payment processor across our USA Mainstream network, payment success has soared and shown a sustained increase of +237.5%, drastically enhancing opportunities for WLD partners! As a result, same-day conversion for sites across this network has more than doubled and we’re thrilled. 

Having launched a number of in-house tools towards the end of 2019, including Postback Tracking and our free SEO tool, designed to strengthen your organic positioning for location specific pages, the opportunity to take advantage of the new impressive conversion rates is an exciting prospect for new and existing partners.

By setting up Postback Tracking for your sites, this will ensure you’re able to post back all revenue metrics straight into Google to get a clear and accurate ROI for your new US campaigns. Also, our free SEO tool within the WLD Design tool will give you the opportunity to strengthen your organic position within USA SERPs with specific location based pages. These tools are all FREE!

We predict strong and reliable growth in the USA following the notable increase in payment success and the influence this has had on conversion rates. We’ll continue to monitor platform performance as the USA database continues to grow and thrive and we look forward to further broadening growth opportunities for WLD partners as we roll out brand new USA specific niches throughout 2020

Get in touch with your partner manager today or reach out to [email protected] to start mapping out your US strategy. 


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