We operate a transparent business model and are happy to answer any questions

How much will you charge me?

There are absolutely no start up costs nor are there any ongoing maintenance charges. We take a percentage out of your revenues generated on our platform – so if you don’t make money, neither do we.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes minutes to sign up, and a few days to set up. As soon as your landing page has been uploaded and approved, we can assist you with the backend customisation and have the site live at the click of a button.

Do I need technical experience?

You’ll need to be able to get your very own landing page designed and uploaded to your hosting server. Beyond that, we can handle the rest – including ongoing maintenance of the databases and payment mechanisms that make your site tick. If you’re unsure how to design your site yourself, we’d be happy to supply you with a list of recommended designers our partners have used in the past.

Who hosts my website?

You host your landing page (the homepage your customers will see when they visit your site). We host the rest – in other words, we handle the machinery that makes your site work. All our partners benefit from a fully managed backend hosting solution installed on Rackspace, one of the fastest and most reliable IP networks in the world.

What niche markets do you cover?

We cater for a wide variety of niche markets and give all our partners shared access to the members within each niche. You can categorize your site according to numerous member interests and characteristics with unlimited combinations. Please refer to our Partner Portal (portal.whitelabeldating.com) for the full range of niche options available, as well as an accurate member count to show you the exact number of members you’ll be plugging into.

Can I have more than one site?

Absolutely! Sites cost nothing to set up, and many members are able to benefit from targeting a wider variety of niche interests or geographical locations by building several different sites. This provides great potential for cross-selling opportunities, further monetizing existing members with zero acquisition cost to you!

How will I receive payment?

You’ll receive payment twice a month via a direct BACS transfer into your chosen bank account. If you are a non-UK resident or business, you will be paid via an international transfer. The payments will be made on the same dates, however you must have generated a minimum of £200 for the payment to be processed.

How secure are payments made by members on my site?

We use high-grade 256-bit encryption for all credit card transactions and process all payments securely using the trusted and industry standard Protx system (part of the Sage Group PLC). Protx has achieved the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) and remains one of the safest methods of payment in the world. We adhere to the most stringent levels of fraud screening, ensuring that your customers’ details remain secure throughout the transaction process.

Who deals with customer enquiries?

We do. We provide customer support for all members via our web-based support system, as well as telephone support to UK members who would like to speak to the support team directly. In addition, we all have an in-house Retention team whose job is to retain, upsell, and encourage your members to make the most of their time on your site. All support staff are located in-house at our company’s headquarters in the UK.

Can I stop members posting inappropriate content to my site?

We have an in-house Moderation team whose job is to moderate every single member profile that is created across the platform, ensuring the database is of the highest quality and that all content uploaded to the site is in-line with our terms of use. This allows your members to interact within a safe and secure environment, creating an optimum dating experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Will my members receive email updates?

We have found email to be a highly effective and consistent sales tool in every market. That’s why we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art email customer relationship management system. Our email system is highly optimised to encourage members to visit your site and pay to become a full member. We also encourage members to visit other sites you run with us, helping you to cross-sell a member from one dating site to another. We continually update, develop, and optimise our CRM platform, with a dedicated CRM manager in place to make sure you earn as much as possible from every member.

What artwork will I need?

In addition to designing a landing page, you will need to create a header image that is 960 pixels by 120/140 pixels that is then uploaded to our portal. This ensures your brand remains consistent throughout the entire application, creating the best possible experience for the people who visit your site. Your will also need a header that is 760 pixels wide, to again be uploaded to the portal, for all of your email headers and footers.