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Choose your domain name wisely! It sets the tone for your entire site. Ask yourself what sort of customer your domain name will attract. If you’re looking for international business, be sure to choose a .com and register the local country equivalent in the markets you are operating in.

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We don’t expect you to figure everything out yourself. Our dedicated partner team is on hand to help you grow your dating business. You’ll be assigned a Partner Manager when you sign up whose job is to help earn you more money.


We give you complete creative control to design the site you want. Whether you’re building a niche dating website or producing a site that fits in neatly with your existing brand, you can create a landing page that’s completely unique to you.

Create a site

Our Partner Portal is an easy to use interface which provides you with all the necessary tools to quickly and easily deploy a fully customizable, uniquely branded dating solution, to suit your needs.

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We want to make sure your site is the best it can be, so once you’re finished setting up, submit your site for approval and let us do the rest of the work. We’ll iron out the bugs.

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Our Partner Managers are here to help you market your site and will work with you to set up a long term plan, ensuring you get the most from your business.