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How to calculate your maximum cost per lead

28th November 2016

To understand how much you can afford to spend to acquire each basic member, you need to understand what your maximum cost per lead (CPL) is. This will allow you to set your bids at an affordable rate and prevent…

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How to improve your Klout Score

23rd November 2016

What is Klout? Klout is a social media analysis tool that ranks its users according to their online social influence, giving individual users a ‘Klout Score’ between 1 and 100. It helps to measure the impact that brands have on…

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How to collaborate with bloggers and vloggers

14th November 2016

If you’re working with a small marketing budget, collaborating with bloggers or vloggers can be an effective way of marketing your site. As well as driving traffic, bloggers and vloggers can help you increase brand awareness and achieve more registrations….

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Setting up a cross registration matrix

10th November 2016

A successful cross registration strategy can help you earn additional revenues from your portfolio by cross registering non-converted traffic to other sites in your portfolio. To help you maximise these opportunities, we’d advise you to create a cross registration matrix….

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