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Monetise your non-converting traffic with cross-selling

Cross-selling (or cross-registration) is a good way to offer your existing members a targeted alternative site,  giving them a second opportunity to convert while remaining within your portfolio.

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How to build a recognisable brand

Good branding is what makes your brand memorable – it’s what gets people talking. With so many dating sites on the market, having a recognisable brand will help you stand out against competitors.

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March comms round-up

Our recent campaigns aimed to capitalise on the uplift in traffic around New Year and Valentine’s Day. So in March, we concentrated on targeting members who hadn’t yet converted with special offers.

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Facebook’s business app & Instagram for dating brands

This week, why not take some time to consider enhancing your marketing strategy, read our guides to harnessing the power of Instagram and blogger engagement for your dating brands…

Creating a branded Instagram page could help you build your brand and

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Our guide to working with bloggers

Over the last few months, we’ve noticed an increasing number of partners abandoning traditional methods of PR. Instead, working in collaboration with bloggers.

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