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December comms campaigns

13th January 2016

User engagement typically drops around Christmas and New Year as people favour spending time with their families rather than being online. But not at White Label Dating! To tackle the predicted drop, our White Label Dating comms team created several…

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How to acquire quality traffic

8th January 2016

The quality of your traffic can be determined by a number of different factors; the quality of your campaigns, your landing pages and the approach you take to targeting your traffic, for example, via keywords or niching your campaigns to…

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How to cross-sell successfully

23rd December 2015

What is cross-selling? Cross-selling means offering non-converted members alternative niche sites within your portfolio. You could implement a cross-sell strategy by creating an umbrella brand and cross-selling members between sites under that one brand. For example, if your brand is…

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How to increase your conversion rate

17th December 2015

One of the main reasons members don’t convert from a basic membership to a paying membership is because poor quality traffic is being driven to your site. By providing high quality advertising to the right people in the right places,…

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