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From the ever-changing world of online dating to the nuts and bolts of mobile, web, and API development, you can find the latest industry news and platform updates here.

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National Radio Conference round-up

Jo Hardcastle, Business Development Manager at White Label Dating, attended the 2014 National Radio Conference was in Melbourne last Friday.
The annual event, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, was part of the RadioFest weekend, the largest gathering for radio professionals in the southern hemisphere.

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The importance of a diverse traffic mix

Partner Manager, Richard Beaumont, shares his advice on the importance of driving a diverse mix of traffic to your site.
The key to driving high quality traffic while keeping costs steady is to use a variety of acquisition sources.

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4 ways an integrated strategy can boost success

White Label Dating partner, Jonathan Bird, shares advice for implementing an effective integrated strategy.
Gaining high quality traffic is essential to achieving the best return on investment.

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Product update: Profile Wizard, email pipeline and the profile experience

Short but sweet this week, here are the highlights of what our development team have been working on!
Team Pi
1. To launch the Profile Wizard on desktop.
2. To continue work on the email rendering pipeline.
The first release of the Profile Wizard is fast approaching.

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A day in the life: Kabs

The latest instalment of our takeover series saw Head of White Label Dating, Kabs, take over our Facebook page last Friday. Kabs documented his day, giving an insight into the work he gets up to; that’s everything from motivating the partner team to analysing their performance.

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