8 Years And Still Going Strong…

As it’s our birthday week we asked Matt Harman, the very first Globalite on the payroll, to do a little blog for us about the company’s 8 years

A long time ago in an office block far, far away….

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Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us..!

Yes, we took a massive risk at the beginning and bet it all on black but we saw it as ‘the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward’ – we were proven right and continue to be proven right.

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August International Focus

We are seeing some fantastic results in South Africa at the moment! Please read on to find out how the network is performing plus news regarding a ‘Free Read’ and our International Partner Of The Month…

South Africa Focus

The SA network continues to soar.

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Free Read- Monday 29th August

On Monday 29th August, (which is also a Bank Holiday in the UK), there will be a ‘Free Read’ available to all country networks. This will commence 6-8pm in local time zones and the activity will be rounded off with a special upgrade offer on the following day.

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Recent Platform Successes

It might be the time of year, it could be all of our hard work or it could just be fate. We’re not sure, but there’s one thing we are sure of and that is summer lovin’ is most definitely in the air!
Here at the WhiteLabelDating.

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August Mid-Monther

Welcome to our August Mid-Monther – that inbetween newsletter that is ramma-jammed with news and ideas from WhiteLabelDating.

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Informative Google Videos And Report

A YouTube channel has been set-up by the local team at Google who manage dating clients. Some recorded webinars may be useful and they will be adding regularly to the content.

Google have also done an interesting study on bidding on your own brand terms, check it out here:

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Is Being On The Inside So Good…

As someone who has recently come back to the ‘dating market’, I find myself in a strange position. On one hand I am a potential customer, open to all the hopes, possibilities and pitfalls that online dating can provide.

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August Top Tips!

To help you power through the last bit of summer (or winter depending on where you live), we have come up with some great ideas that will really help you grow your online dating business!

Improve Click To Registration Rate With Our Optimised Form!

We all know that in order to make a successful d

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Internet Dating and Fraud- 419 Scamming

This week, Charlotte our Customer Care Supervisor, explains what a ‘419 scam’ is.

What is a 419 Scam?
419 represents a type of scam typically used by Nigerian scam artists.

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